20 Things That 2020 Has Taught Me: Part I

The year 2020 is half way over, and boy have I already learned so much about myself and the world. I want to take the time to reflect on some things that 2020 has taught me. How to love properly. In 2020, I fell deeper in love with a man than I ever thought couldContinue reading “20 Things That 2020 Has Taught Me: Part I”

Mental Wellness: A Forever Journey

In this post, I refer to “hashtag self care” as something superficial and for show, not for growth. Self care is literally what it sounds like, taking care of yourself. But the “hashtag self care” is referred to as a simple mani-pedi and facial that solves all misery and sadness. That Hashtag self care, isContinue reading “Mental Wellness: A Forever Journey”