7 Travel Tips for Your Post Quarantine Solo Trip

There is no denying that the time we are in now, SUCKS. COVID19 has caused schools to close, people to become abnormally distant from everyone they love and things they love to do, and of course, cancel travel plans. (Rest in Peace to those who hav lost their lives as well). BUT, this too shallContinue reading “7 Travel Tips for Your Post Quarantine Solo Trip”

Black Girl Magic Takes Peru: Re(solutions)

Ahhhhh, hey readers! It’s been a very long time, so let me just jump right into it. So, toward the end of November/beginning of December, I was going through a lot of small changes. Those small changes kind of piled up into one big anxiety ball, barreling down the hill ready to crash into my…life.Continue reading “Black Girl Magic Takes Peru: Re(solutions)”