Finally, Im Awake. Im Speaking Up.

Im going to lead with this, so you can continue or dismiss yourself accordingly. My. Black. Matters! Now, my journey through my black womanhood has been an ignorant one, for lack of a better word. I grew up hating myself, my blackness, my nappy hair. Despite my moms efforts to tell me I was beautiful,Continue reading “Finally, Im Awake. Im Speaking Up.”

Emmett, Trayvon, Sandra, Ahmaud, and Everyone In between…

I am sick to my stomach. I am mad. I am scared. I am… The harder my heart races, the more I feel for my brothers and sisters whose hearts have stopped. Not from old age. Not from an accident. But from an unnecessary, hate filled, racist, MURDER. The thing that angers me the most,Continue reading “Emmett, Trayvon, Sandra, Ahmaud, and Everyone In between…”