Things I Wish My Younger Black Self Would Have Known

Clearly, I have been a black girl/woman all my life. However, I was never really okay with it growing up, until I moved to Brooklyn, NY. Now, Brooklyn itself is not a large part of the story, but what I ran away from and what I found when I got here, was the game changer.Continue reading “Things I Wish My Younger Black Self Would Have Known”

Quarantined Extrovert: Part II

Four weeks ago, I wrote Quarantined Extrovert after just 9 days of social distancing and isolation in New York City. Quick recap: I was intensely experiencing all the things; some feelings I had been suppressing and some I didn’t even know I had. I felt lonely, I felt angry, I felt worthless and trapped. ThenContinue reading “Quarantined Extrovert: Part II”