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Challenging women to retrain their minds and live their unapologetic truth!

Living unapologetically is something that is trending right now, but also something that we do not exactly know how to do? What does that even mean? Jaymee guides her audience through ways to retrain their brains and build skills to promote more positivity, self love, and mental growth and wellness.

Its time to challenge yourself and to retrain your mind! Finding Jaymee helps you do just that affirmations and GPA: Growth, Positivity, & All the things [healing]!

3 Continuous Steps for Self Growth

Listeners get continuous, life long steps to retrain their minds and build skills to loving themselves more and living a positive lifestyle. Through my experiences, coupled with transferable scenarios, we can look inward and apply the skills of: Affirmations, Positivity Speak, and Body consciousness.

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How to Align both the Mind and Body

We cannot just isolate our mind and our body, only taking care of one and expecting to see a lifelong, positive change. Both the mind and the body play a combined part in our health and wellness. We must take care of them both equally! The keys: Meditation, Movement, Mindfulness

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.

“When you think things are bad, just keep going” (Find the interview Here). We can make a bad situation worse by thinking negatively about it and ourselves. In order to live a more positive life, you improve the way you think about YOURSELF and your reactions to situations around you!

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Thank you for such a refreshing perspective! I agree, too often focus just on others, while for growing personally we should start by working on the inside


Let’s Improve Your Mindset

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