Below are features, shares, and reposts from other!

My very first feature/shared blog was Schools Out For the Sum…Spring? on Sarah’s Attic of Treasures (Here). Read what she says below.

Check out my featured post on Nadine’s BodyupBossup.com about Manifestation and how to train and grow your mind for mental wellness!Click HERE

My first peer Blogger Award!

I would personally like to start by thanking Vincent Enhindero for being super supportive and for the nomination for this award. He’s genuinely a breath of fresh air and has great energy! Check him out! I’d also like to thank Pooja G for the second nomination and for her supportive and positivity as well.

My first podcast feature with SincerelyBL. There is short description of what the podcast is on (my self-love journey from suicidal to self caring) and the podcast link. CLICK HERE to hear this encouraging story and journey to healing.

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