Quarantined Extrovert

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I NEED TO DO ALLLL THE THINGGGGSS! I am an extroverted person. Contrary to popular belief, not all extroverts want or need to be around crowds of people. However, most, if not all, extroverts are more expressive, like doing things stimulating (and sometimes overly stimulating) things, and like to be busy in some way,Continue reading “Quarantined Extrovert”

Self Care in the Midst of A Pandemic

But, I will keep this blog short and sweet (or at least I will try) because I plan to write a lot more frequently as a part of my new [quarantine] self care routine. This is starting in a time of social and economic crisis, but necessary to keep up even when we come outContinue reading “Self Care in the Midst of A Pandemic”