It’s the Little Things: Expressing Gratitude

Think about it…When do you usually give thanks and express your gratitude? Holidays? During times of hardship and realization? I know that, before I started my journey – or rather, when I realized I was already on the journey – I only expressed gratitude after someone helped me with something, when good things happened, andContinue reading “It’s the Little Things: Expressing Gratitude”

One Day I Woke Up Ready to Forgive

In recent days, weeks, months, I have been so emotional. One day I am angry, the next, I might be in tears, a week later, maybe I’m laughing uncontrollably. I have literally been all over the place, but my mind seems to fixate and circulate around the same sort of thought. Being a black personContinue reading “One Day I Woke Up Ready to Forgive”