Self Growth : Acknowledging YOUR OWN Toxic Traits

Nowadays, we have a lot more time than we had before to sit with ourselves and really unpack our characteristics, our ticks and triggers, and unfortunately, our toxic traits. Keep reading, I’ll get to that. Recently, I have read several blogs or social media posts about cutting ties with toxic people, how to identify andContinue reading “Self Growth : Acknowledging YOUR OWN Toxic Traits”

Quarantine Got You In Your Feelings? You’re Not Alone!

Hey ya’ll! Today’s blog is going to act as a transcript for the youtube video I am posting titled Night Stand Talks. Night Stand Talks really aims to let you know that you are not alone in the way that you feel; that your feelings are VALID. The video, of course, ends with gratitude andContinue reading “Quarantine Got You In Your Feelings? You’re Not Alone!”