Allow Me To Introduce You to My Travel Companion

HIIIIIIIIII EVERYONEEEEEE! So, this is not typical “Finding Jaymee Content” but you will love it anyways. This post is dedicated to my teddy bear. Yes, I said it…my TEDDY BEAR. Every year I post an appreciation post to Instagram and Facebook. So many people have asked how I feel comfortable traveling solo or how IContinue reading “Allow Me To Introduce You to My Travel Companion”

You Can Do It: Goal Setting During Quarantine

This post contains an affiliate link. First things first, before we dive into goal setting and affirmations, I want to say that if you are struggling with quarantine and have been taking time to rest, relax, settle your anxiety, lay around, or whatever… THAT IS OKAY. All these posts about having to level up afterContinue reading “You Can Do It: Goal Setting During Quarantine”