15 Day Keto, Workout & Affirmation Guide

Click HERE to purchase my 15 Day Keto and Workout Journey for $2.99

With all the chaos and commotion of 2020 so far, I wanted to take a step back and kind of look inward. I also wanted to try something new and give myself new things to do and something to look forward to each day. So I decided to embark on a Keto journey. I have written a short ebook for the 15 day journey. Each day comes with my dinner options for the day, daily workouts, and of course, affirmations to keep you going and for you to take with you!

I realized a lot about myself in a very short amount of time doing this. Now, in full transparency, this was supposed to be for the whole month of June, but your girl only lasted 17 days (I capped the ebook at 15 because that is a nicer number). I was moody, I was tired, I was sitting with a lot of feelings ( it happens when you cut carbs or change your diet).

I wanted to stick it out but then questioned why I felt that way. I realized how impulsive I am as well. I realized why I eat what I eat and what moods I am in when binging. I’ve realized things about my relationships and just… Keto, or rather the side effects of being in ketosis can be very insightful if you are a reflection person.

There is something called the Keto flu that I could not get passed, and so instead of continuing to be sick for generally no reason, I decided to cut my losses. I will still cut carbs because I feel so much better and lighter, but I will be between 50-100 instead of 20 and below.

To give more of a run down of how I felt during Keto, I workout often, sometimes twice a day, and I do not think I was eating enough to sustain my movement. I was pretty exhausted during and after my workouts. On days when I snacked and ate more, I felt better. But, I also do intermittent fasting, which I do not think pairs well with Keto. I love intermittent fasting so if you have questions on that, hit the comments.

Likewise, when it comes to weight lost, I was never in it to lose weight and don’t have a ton I want to lose, but I noticed more toning in my legs, and an inch or so lost around the waist. So, you will see some results, whether you want them or not.

Well, in the interest of not keeping you waiting, click the click and buy the ebook for 2.99. It’s a great investment for 15 days!

Positivity, Growth, and all the things,


Published by Jaymee Vee

Being a black woman has its perks and itโ€™s challenges. As a 27 year old educator, traveler, and athlete, I aspire to candidly shed light on my journey through my blackness and my womanhood, and promote positivity, growth, and all the things!

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