Quarantine Wellness: 4 Ways to Separate Work and Leisure All in the Same Space.

With the crazy onset of COVID19 quarantine, all aspects of our lives are now in one space, contained in one house, or apartment, or room (if you are like me and have roomies). Due to this, many of us end up working in places where we once went to decompress and reset from the day. Many of us are working at a desk in the living room, from the couch, or from the bed. If we didn’t have a good work life balance before, how in the world are we supposed to maintain or even come up with a work life balance now!?

This starts with setting boundaries! When do we take breaks? When do we stop working? When do you mute our emails? All these things you have to answer and set hard guidelines for, otherwise work melts into down time and it becomes hard to relax or be able to focus on leisure. So here are some ways you can build in a break in your day and reset!

Here are some answers for you that have worked for me!

  1. Workout!

Working out does not have to be tedious and does not need to make you feel bad because you do not look like the person on instagram. Working out allows your brain to take a break from work and staring at the computer, while getting your body in motion and feeling good after having seated for a while. Especially remote teaching, after my lessons and grading, I need a break before transitioning to office hours or blogging or taking my online course. If you want to see some quick workout or watch a live zoom session, check out my last post, 6 At Home Workouts to Stimulate Your Mind…and Your Ass.

2. Go For a Walk

I know that we are quarantined, but this does not mean that you cannot take a few moments to yourself to get some fresh air and reset you mind. Walking around the corner, or going for a drive, or even walking miles while listening to music, are all good things to give yourself a break in your day and transition into something else, or reset after the day is done. Something aimless though, going grocery shopping or running an errand is not a good reset, but another thing on the to do list. If you live in a quiet place, sometimes walking and focusing on the sounds of nature are helpful and tranquil. Or if you live in the city like me and don’t want to necessarily hear the cars honking and dogs barking, then a calm playlist might be the way to go!

3. Meditate

Taking a couple minutes, at least, to meditate and be mindful of your body and your breath is sooooo underrated. When you pay attention to your breath, especially in a time of stress or anxiety, your body triggers a calming reaction. Counting your breath, feeling those inhales and exhales, it a literal body reset. Many people think that during meditation, you will have this grand epiphany and find all the answers. Meditation prompts you to focus on your breath, the inhales and exhales, to really focus on YOURSELF. In focusing on the simple yet vital act of just breathing, your body and mind can relax and be kinder to itself. And it does not have to be for a long time at first. This sense of calm is what allows you to think clearly, come up with ideas, and really figure things out. You can use the free versions of apps like Calm and Headspace and Smiling Mind (my personal fave).

4. Read something unrelated to your work/ Enroll in free online courses

Sometimes, just writing or reading something that is unrelated to your work and days obligations is a good way to reset and wine down after working from home or doing the days deeds. I have also noticed that when I read my book or write in my planner and journal, the days don’t seem to blue together as much. This is a great way to set the tone for you day as well. I love reading on my Kindle Paper-white because it doesn’t hurt my eyes and it saves space (and I don’t have to muster up the energy and mental stamina to go to the store in the middle of this pandemic). I highly recommend the book Unfuck Yourself! It’s life changing to be honest. Likewise, I have been listening to audiobooks on my runs and, guiltily, they also help me fall asleep!

Bonus: Take a long, hot shower!

The value of a long shower is underestimated. Wash away the previous task, cleanse, and reset. It doesn’t have to be all the time, because a lot of us don’t like to use too much water unnecessarily, but every once in a while, that shower can be a great way to wash away work and the days task, and wind down before leisure time.

I am sure there are many other ways to reset the day or the mind that I have not discovered, but these are the 4 (plus the bonus) that I have learned and swear by. If you have more, comment them below and feel free to share. If not, then feel free to try these out for yourself!

This is my story, this is my journey.

If you liked this post, leave a comment! If you feel connected or would like to mention more ways to “reset” during quarantine, contact me on social media or on the contact page!

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3 thoughts on “Quarantine Wellness: 4 Ways to Separate Work and Leisure All in the Same Space.

    1. Agreed! I’ve found that building in breaks helps. My favorite is going outside though to be honest, I need to separate from the house in order to get my mind right!


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