6 At Home Workouts to Stimulate Your Mind…and Your Ass

As many of you know, working out is a huge stress relief and form of self care for me. Of course we hear about the physical benefits that exercising has, but not always the mental benefits. So, lets start with stimulating the mind…

I am by no means a doctor or physician, but I do know that workings out has the following positive mental benefits:


Working out and getting your body going causes your brain to release these happy cells called endorphins. Endorphins literally decrease of reactions and senses of pain and stress. Thats great, no!? These littles can set a very positive tone to your day by literally making you happy and able to withstand more foolishness – or otherwise- than you would before. So in this case, when you feel good physically, you feel good mentally, and visa versa.


A lot of us are working from home now or have lost their jobs. Either way, this results in a lot of sitting around. Working out, or at the very least, working out, provides you with a break or transition from one thing to the next. We don’t often set enough good boundaries, which causes the days to blur together and natural irritability. If you are tired of the days running together, this is a good method! Working out gives you a brain and body break!


We need this sense of purpose and accomplishment during these times. Again, we are doing alot of work, the days are running together, and we are inside on your bums way more than we are used to. That sweat, the soreness, that feeling of “I hated that but I DID IT”. All that makes the mundane day to day quarantine life so much more worth it. YOU DID THAT. YASSSS. And when you feel good physically, you feel good mentally.

NOW, the reason why you opened the blog in the first place: stimulate that ass! Below is where I am going to show you 6 workouts you can do to stimulate your mind, and…THAT ASS…at your house! [These exercises will also help strengthen the hips and hamstrings now that you are probably sitting way more than usual]. But first, you need to grab a resistance band [You can do all exercises without one if you don’t have] and put that sucker around your thighs (right above the knee as shown in the photo).

Grab a resistance band
Put the band around your thighs above you knee.

Do all the below exercises in a row, the repeat 3x times!

  1. Squats (squeeze those cheeks when you come up!) for that ass.
    • Stand with you feet shoulder width apart. Bend the knees and squat down as if sitting in a chair (try to get your bum as close to a 90 degree angle as you can without pain). Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

2. Lateral Resisted Walk

Stand with you hips shoulder width apart again, only this time, you are starting in your squat position. Step out to the right as far as you can, and then bring the left foot in, still staying at shoulder width distant. Make sure you are not come to a stand at any point when you are moving laterally (side ways). This is great for the IT Bands, Hips, and lateral knee. Walk 5 steps one way, then 5 steps back!

Start with feet a part in squat position (this does not have to be at 90 degrees)
Step out to the [right] as wide as you can without pain
My legs came in a little close, but definitely don’t be closer than hips width

3. Glute Raises

Glute raises are exactly what they sound like. This is great for the hips and your booty, while not putting too much pressure on the lower back. Make sure to tuck or flex your booty, without tucking your chin (don’t hurt you neck!). If you want an extra bum shock, when you are raised, spread your knees open/apart WITHOUT moving your feet. If you want even MORE shock to your bum, while you are up, lift foot (so that your leg is straight) at a time. Repeat 10 times.

Feet hips width distance apart, not too far away from your bum.
Knees should not be caving inward. Roll your shoulders under like you are poking your chest out.
Lift your lower and middle back off the floor, tighten your booty, and do not tuck your chin!

4. Fire Hydrants (I chose without the band)

If you have not heard of or done these before, just think of a male dog and a fire hydrant. It’s not cute, but its good for the ass (and your hips)! Start on all 4’s, knees under hips, wrists under shoulders, and back flat. It is important here, that when you are open one knee out at a time, that you are not leaning or over rotating to the other side. If you want to advance this, in your flat back position, hover the knees above the floor about two inches. Stay here while you are opening out at the knee. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

Knees under hips, wrists under elbows
Flat back. Not too round, not too arched.
Open up (like you are peeing on a hydrant) and return back to start position.

5. Kick backs (I chose without the band)

This position looks very similar to fire hydrants. You start in the same position, only instead of opening out at the knee, you are kicking backwards and activating that Glute and Hamstring. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

Flat back position again. Not to round, not to arched.
Raise one leg at a time, flexing your foot, and squeezing that glute!

6. Clam Shell

Clam shells will shock the shit out of your ass. Especially if you are using a resistance band. Again, this is also great for this hips. This one is hard to explain, so bare with me: Lay on one side on your mat. Knees should be a 90 degree angle with you upper body, while your feet are closer to your bum. Keeping your feet/ankle together, open up at the knee. If you want to shock your ass even more (and the hip, whatever, lol) then when you open up at the knee, keep that knee lifted and extend your leg. Then bring you foot back to meet the other, and return to starting position. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

Get into a fetal like position, with your knees at a 90 degree angle to your upper body.
You can lay all the way down on your side, or support your head.

Keep the feet together, open up at the knee.

And always remember to have fun guys! These are exercises that are meant to help your body, stimulate that ass and those hips, while also stimulating your mind and letting you take a break from the day’s work. Dance, play music, join with a roommate or family member, or on a zoom call. Be kind to yourself, be wacky, whatever. Again: Do all the above exercises in a row, the repeat 3x times!

If you liked this post, leave a comment! If you feel connected or would like to speak more about home workouts, contact me on social media or on the contact page!

If you want to see a full, live, zoom workout with no equipment needed, click here .

Positivity, Growth, and All the Things.


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As a 28 year old educator, traveler, and athlete, I aspire to candidly shed light on my journey through my blackness and my womanhood, and promote positivity, growth, and all the things!

9 thoughts on “6 At Home Workouts to Stimulate Your Mind…and Your Ass

  1. Yes! I have been using workouts strategically to make sure I take breaks too. I have not tried a few of these yet, so I will add them today. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I am glad that you were able to take something from this! Come back and let me know how the workouts went!


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