Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award!

I would personally like to start by thanking Vincent Enhindero for being super supportive and for the nomination for this award. He’s genuinely a breath of fresh air and has great energy! Check him out! I’d also like to thank Pooja G for the second nomination and for her supportive and positivity as well.

I have not been blogging long or consistently. I am just now started to get my footing and and understand myself and the message that I want to promote and put out into the world. Thanks to a supportive blogging community, I feel freer to explore and be myself.

Thank you Vincent!

Here are the RULES to follow πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ’

  1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog
  2. Make a Post of the award (with photo)
  3. Post the rules
  4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice
  5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.
  6. Follow Vincent Ehindero @ (to qualify for a free blog promotion and shoutout) and more blogging opportunities

Answers to Vincent’s Questions

1. What’s the best thing you like about blogging? And your advice.

I love being able to candidly talk about my experiences and spread the message of growth and self love and positivity. I have not been blogging long, but my advice would be to be you and to be patient. Love what you’re saying first, the rest will follow.

2. What do you do to relax?

If you read my posts, you know I love to workout and write. Thats usually it. Man I need a new hobby.

3. What is that one thing you are very grateful for?

It is hard to just name one. But if I had to choose, I would say I am thankful for the air in my lungs and the chance to live another day.

4. What is your happiest moment?

Oh jeeze, I have a few of them. Maybe finishing my Graduate degree. Or making it to Machu Picchu!

5. Would you prefer a Cat or Dog?

BOTH! I love all furrrrrry friends! ALL!

My questions πŸ’

  1. What’s the best thing you like about blogging? And your advice.
  2. What is one thing you LOVE about yourself!?
  3. What are you doing to stay sane during quarantine?
  4. Red wine or white wine?
  5. If you could be one animal, what would you choose?

My Nominations 😊

  1. BellaD
  2. Ash
  3. Yonka
  4. Eternal Ocean
  5. Chloe
  6. Nieshia
  7. Tay!
  8. Magz
  9. Debbie
  10. Shes Inspired

Published by Finding Jaymee LLC

As a 28 year old educator, traveler, and athlete, I aspire to candidly shed light on my journey through my blackness and my womanhood, and promote positivity, growth, and all the things!

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