Finding Jaymee

Every day we have a choice to become who

we want to be. It isn’t easy, but its worth it.

DISCLAIMER: My blogs WILL have typos. Once I write about an experience, I leave it where it is. I don’t want to look back at them or relive them, so once I write, I don’t proofread. Sorry, not sorry. Either way, take what you need and leave what you don’t.

The name Finding Jaymee comes from my long and continuous journey to grow and become the best version of myself in my entirety. Growth is never easy, but it is so well worth it. I unapologetically, candidly, break the barriers of stereotypes about blackness and womanhood. I AM: an educator, a traveler, an athlete, and aspiring wellness blogger! While teaching is my profession, fitness and traveling are things I love, but also use as productive outlets to manage all the things.

Personal Blogs!

I am on a journey to grow, promote positivity within myself and others, and do All the Things! In these blogs, I talk about my struggles, experiences, and methods for self care and mental wellness. It will be very candid, raw, and sometimes emotional. Take what you need for yourself. Click the Personal blogs link for self care and more.


I believe that the best way to change your life for the better, is to change your mindset for the better. Something that seems so difficult is actually really easy. It all starts with taking the steps to look inward! Click the Speaking! tab to see my topics, strike a conversation with me, and book me to speak!

Other Blogs!

I talk about my travels, feelings during travels, tips, and helpful realizations that have only improved my life and my perspective. I also talk about my career.As only a 6th year teacher, I’ve taught 4 grades and had endless amounts of fun! Ill mention some insights on my teaching experience (especially during COVID19).

About Me

A Black educator and expert, promoting self growth and positivity, while challenging you to retrain your brain for the better.

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